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  1. Imagine my surprise when this article is about congregants gossiping about pastors. In my small area of churches, the pastors don’t get close to congregants. Instead they befriend each other & gossip about their own congregants. If a pastor doesn’t like/is hurt/is offended by a congregant, they tell all their pastor friends in this small area. They believe the big lie-that they are special & God’s word about gossip & slander doesn’t apply to them. They tell themselves that ‘they are protecting God’s people by warning their pastor friends’. It’s quite a sick situation. And people are powerless to stop it. or even clear their own reputation.

    • Grace,

      It can definitely work the other way around. I didn’t mean to imply that it doesn’t. It is never right for pastors or other church leaders to gossip or slander, either, and our position of leadership makes us even more accountable for our tongues (James 3:1, 1 Tim 3:2,11, Titus 1:8, 2:3, etc.).

      In the chapter for church leaders in “Resisting Gossip,” one of my main points is that leaders must set the example for godly speech–and that includes our relationships with other church leaders outside of our own congregation. Pastors need to follow the same teaching that we teach others. At times, that will include warning others, but it never will include slandering our flock.


    • Boy, what happened to you?

  2. First of all, a Pastor’s job is a tough one and he too needs someone to talk to. Just like the article and Grace’s comment, the Pastor, like the congregants, goes to his friends to talk. See the problem? Why aren’t the congregants the Pastor’s friends?? Where are his elder/deacons? Where are the leaders of a typical congregation (of any size) really touching and in communication with those they are leading (as opposed to a top down “herding” approach of leadership)?

    When confronted with this touching/communicating issue the typical answers are: No time. Too much counseling. Study needs. A whole church to run, etc. When will the church and especially the leader(s) realize “The Lone Ranger” is a myth? Equipping the saints is not a suggestion and it doesn’t come in 30 minutes of lecture once a week.

  3. Thank you for the good instruction on how to handle this. “Church Leader” can also be missionary. Then the church gossip is disclosed in pseudo-terms like well the spot-light is on you. Or we are just sharing prayer request. If you haven’t gone to the source of who you are talking about, it is still gossip and is despised by the Lord, and placed in the same category of subject that is being gossiped about.

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